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Trio by AoNoChaos Trio by AoNoChaos
You guys know a ton about Gwen, but what do you know about the other members of the Art Studio? :meow:
These are just super quick summaries, I may go into more detail sometime! Now, off to school!

Diane 'Deedee' Aria Jones
Species: Chickadee
Age: 28
Main Occupation: Bookshop Owner
Talent: Photography
Personality: Timid, quiet and reserved...until she met Gwen that is.
Deedee was a simple librarian with a love of reading. Her husband, married at 22, and herself loved taking photographs together. After he was diagnosed with cancer, he asked her to continue photography so that they could always be together through their love of photos. After his passing a year later, she became reserved and quiet, preferring to stay in her little book shop. A few months passed and a a young procupine came into her store. The young woman saw her photographs hanging on the walls and instantly fell in love with her talent, begging her to join in the local Art Studio. It took weeks of prodding and talking before Deedee was convinced to join. She was the last member to join and has since become a valuable friend to the group, often having troubles not rambling about all sorts of things.

Leonardo 'Leo' Johnny Hopper
Species: Brown Rabbit
Age: 25
Main Occupation: Free Lance Commercial Artist
Talent: Painting
Personality: Gentle, humble, and very genuine...unless he's talking to a pretty girl in which case he's a nervous wreck.
Leonardo had always been the odd one out. He was kind, but his daydreaming and near obsession of art separated him from his peers. He loved art more than people because he felt that people wouldn't understand him the same way that paintings do. It wasn't that he disliked people, or that he was depressed, he just couldn't connect with others the way he could with works of art. After graduating College for design he began to try selling his art as well as work as a free lance artist for commercial design. During a small showing of his work, a young woman came to him, telling him that she saw his work and had to meet him. Not talking to many people, females in particular, he was at a loss for words and unknowingly agreed to check out the local Art Studio. I didn't take long afterwards for him to join permanently, being the third to join the group.  

Candice 'Candy' Rose Robinson
Species: White Rabbit (born light pink)
Age: 23
Main Occupation: Fabric Shop and Desginer
Talent: Fashion and Design
Personality: Cocky and acts like a know-it-all...has a major inferiority complex with a certain porcupine
Candice had been made fun of as a kid for being born with light pink fur instead of white. In grade 2, she was approached by a blue porcupine who wanted to be friends, claiming she only befriends unique and cool people like herself and that Candice fit perfectly. They became fast friends and Gwen defended her against the bullies. In middle school she started making her own outfits to be even more unique (Gwen really encouraged her to try and be different) and is the reason Gwen makes her own too. However, despite the fact that they were close friends, she always felt inferior to her. Gwen was different and did everything she could to let everyone know it and was great at what she did. People liked her, and Candice was a bit jealous. She developed an inferiority complex and often tried everything she could to best her friend, but never went as far as to hurt her. This caused them to get into more frequent arguments (her bragging could be irritating) but they remained friends anyway, taking things more as an annoying challenge rather than a hindrance to their friendship. After graduating she moved to Metropolis and attended College for fashion before joining up with Gwen in the Art Studio, being the second to join the group.
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Tonythunder Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
Since I've already seen Deedee,I gotta say the other two characters look pretty great,both their designs and their personalities,also Deedee's as well :3
AoNoChaos Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :aww:
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
no prob ^^
JxW-SpiralofChaos Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh wow really nice little back stories of them all. I feel so sad for deedee, such a sad story. Can't wait to see them more :)
And I think it's about time that I got into sonic characters :)
AoNoChaos Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! :aww: Hopefully I can draw them more often then I have been XD
Oh yes yes, you should! It's somehow fun making fan characters, it's good practice for making original characters :D
Clarissagriffith Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
AoNoChaos Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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